Do you feel like you are drowning in your own life?
August 28, 2020
BY Amy Kennedy
Here are some tips to help you regain control from chaos.
Do you feel like you are drowning in your own life?
Do you feel like you are drowning your own life? - The Organising Bee Canberra

Feeling so busy that your life is controlling you and feel like you are drowning in your own life?

Here are some ways that you can better manage your time and escape the feeling of drowning in your own life.

Stop and look objectively at your week.  Look at your schedule – even writing it down in an old school timetable often helps.

Identify the times or days which you feel like you are drowning in your own life.  It you feel it is your whole life, then pinpoint those times which you are finding most difficult. Understand why you feel like you are drowning and think critically about how you can improve your current situation.

Are you finding that you don’t have time to prepare the evening meal and just grabbing takeaway?

  • Maybe, you could benefit from a meal plan.
  • You could prepare your evening meal in the morning or the even night before.
  • You could do a big cooking session on the weekend to prepare some meals that you have re-heat during the week.
  • You could be your own sous chef and pre-prepare as much as possible on your quieter days, so on your busiest days everything is ready and waiting for you to cook.
  • Maybe there is someone else in your household that can help prepare and cook the meals.
  • Or you could explore healthy home delivery meal options like Marley Spoon, HelloFresh or YouFoodz. Choice Australia have a great article that compares the meal delivery services for ease of ordering, freshness and comparative supermarket costs.

Are you finding that you don’t have time to do your grocery shopping?

  • You could schedule a time each week to do a regular grocery shop.
  • You could look at ordering your groceries online. Even set it as a reoccurring weekly order.
  • You could talk to your local grocer or favourite supplier at the markets to see if they offer home delivery.
  • Or you could look at a food box or prepared meal delivery service.

Are you finding that you can’t keep on top of the housework?

  • You could schedule time into your calendar to complete the housework.
  • You could delegate tasks to family members.
  • You could develop a roster to share tasks with others living in your household.
  • You could explore the option of hiring a cleaner – even if it is only to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors.
  • You could enlist the support of a Professional Organiser to help organise and declutter your home.

Is there a particular task that you need to do, but don’t have the time to do it?

  • You could to consider getting up an hour earlier to complete a particular task.
  • You could postpone a non-urgent task that is consuming your time.
  • You could reconsider how important the task is and if it is something that you actually need to do.  There is no shame in deciding not to continue to do something that you no longer enjoy.
  • You could delegate the task to someone else.

Whatever it is that is pulling you down, try to take control now, so that you can regain control and stop the drowning feeling. If you can’t do it by yourself please ask for support.

If you have tried and all else has failed, please contact me and together we can develop a workable routine to suit your needs and lifestyle.


The Organising Bee is a professional organiser based in Canberra. Amy Kennedy supports families to organise their homes and their time. Book a free consultation with Amy and talk about ways you can organise yourself so you can spend your time doing the things you love.


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