Do you watch Space Invaders?
July 9, 2021
BY Amy Kennedy
An Australian TV production highlighting the professional organising process.
Do you watch Space Invaders?
Space Invaders - The Organising Bee Canberra

There has been a lot of buzz within the Australian Professional Organising industry about the new TV show, Space Invaders.

Aired on Nine network, the show supports homeowners reclaim their space with the support of organising guru, Peter Walsh, home reno queen, Cherie Barber and treasure hunter, Lucas Callaghan. A second season has just been announced after a successful first season.

Why is there so much positive buzz?

Aside from being an Australian TV production, many Australian Professional Organisers (or POs) know Peter Walsh personally or like me, have followed his work for a very long time.

Professional Organisers have also been working behind the scenes on the show. One being the amazing Sarah Cottman who owns multiple professional organising businesses and is the founder of the Institute of Professional Organisers. Sarah was one of the first people that I met in the industry in 2015 and over the years has provided me with a lot of training and insight into the industry.

But mainly, Space Invaders has been received positively within the industry because it represents the Professional Organising industry well!

For many, decluttering is not an easy process and I appreciate the way the show highlights some of the mental and emotional challenges that come with it. The show doesn’t shy away from the fact that it’s a raw and real experience for clients.

There are things that you would expect from a TV show that aren’t very realistic. Like…
  • Hiring a local haul and removalist company that removes all the contents of the home to ease the sorting process.
  • Playing a raft of games to support the decluttering process (although I do have tactics that I use with a client to lighten the mood).
  • The extremely swift timelines and exceptionally large teams (although some Professional Organising services provide this) that work on each home.

These TV highlights aside, I’m rather appreciative of Peter Walsh’s approach. His warmth and genuineness show true compassion in his attempts to build trust with the homeowners. In our industry trust is vital.

While not all the discussions with homeowners are aired, the attention-grabbing snippets are shown. One can only assume that a lot of action happens behind the scenes.

Overall, the show is great and has truly benefited the industry.

Shortly after the show first aired, I received an email from the Institute of Professional Organisers talking about the rising demand for Professional Organising services. It is becoming widely accepted as an everyday service available to any household.

I’m loving this! If a PO is good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for anyone.

I can’t wait for the day when Australia catches up with the U.S. and people gloat about having a PO– much the same way as the prestige of having a personal trainer.

So if you are on the fence, and a little uncertain of hiring a Professional Organiser because of a perceived negative perception, it may be time to reframe this mindset (and watch an episode of Space Invaders while you’re at it!).

If/when you’re ready to reclaim your space, touch base with us! We’d be happy to help.


The Organising Bee is a professional organiser based in Canberra. Amy Kennedy supports families to organise their homes and their time. Book a free consultation with Amy and talk about ways you can organise yourself so you can spend your time doing the things you love.


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