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Amy Kennedy is a professional organiser in Canberra. She provides home organising & decluttering for Canberra families. She gives home organising tips and provides home organising resources. These take the form of downloadable how to guides and worksheets.

She gives home organising and life organising tips. Amy can also support you to organise your family. She can also help you to implement time management and routine management for your family.

Areas of your house she can support you with include organising kids bedrooms, kids spaces, children’s bedrooms and children’s play spaces.

She can help with kitchen organisation and pantry organisation. She can also organise your laundry and your bathroom.

Amy can create you a study zone and help you with your living zones. She can also work on your bedroom, sorting out your wardrobe and sleeping space.

She provides home organising & decluttering for Canberra families.



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