Organising pantry shelves
May 13, 2021
BY Amy Kennedy
Pantry shelves can be easily filled but difficult to organise. Read my quick tip for avoiding pantry clutter.
Organising pantry shelves
Organising Pantry - The Organising Bee

Deep and large pantry shelves can be an instant invitation for clutter.

Many of us have a natural tendency to see our pantry shelves filled– whether they are organised or not.

You might find yourself so caught up in the aesthetic when organising pantry shelves rather than the actual practicalities.

As a result, the pantry shelves just pile up with food items and your kid’s favourite snack is somewhere in there.

Don’t worry, organising pantry shelves is easier than you think.

To simply avoid pantry clutter and to help you keep stock of everything you have, follow these quick tips:

  1. Group similar pantry items together
  2. Establish a clear category for each group
  3. Place each group in clear storage containers
  4. Label each basket or container clearly

And you are done! Easy peasy.

In this instance, we created separate baskets for each food group and/or occasion that you would eat them (ie. savoury biscuits, after school snacks, soft drinks).

Clear baskets work best so you can see items clearly. The ones pictured are from Howard Storage World.

I am a firm believer that organising any space can be efficient and convenient if you want it to be.

Read more about pantry organisation here.


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