How to double the storage space in your pantry
July 28, 2017
BY Amy Kennedy
Double (or triple) the storage space in the pantry by organising using containers.
How to double the storage space in your pantry
Double the storage space in your pantry - The Organising Bee

Store more in your pantry by organising using containers

A super quick and easy way to double (or maybe even triple) the amount of storage space in the pantry is to organise your food stored in your pantry by organising using containers. When organising the pantry, it is important to think about the size and shape of the storage container that you use.  For maximum effectiveness, it is crucial to use the same style and brand of container in varying heights.  Modular containers work best.

Modular containers stack neatly into the pantry, eliminating wasted space and enables you to store more items within the pantry itself.

An organised pantry is beautiful and if I am honest, it makes this little Professional Organiser so happy and I smile each time I open the pantry door. The clients that I have supported to organise their pantries always come back to me with similar heart-warming comments.

Using airtight containers to store pantry staples including flour, sugar, grains, pasta, rice, nuts, cereals, herbs, spices and other baking ingredients is also an easy way to always keep your pantry looking super tidy and beautiful.

Organising your pantry staples in clear containers ensures you can see everything you are storing within your pantry in a single glance.

You can quickly see if you are low any item when preparing your shopping list before heading out to do your next grocery shop.

Organising your pantry using containers also keeps your food fresh for longer and stops nasties like weevils or ants from spoiling your food.

When storing food in containers, it is important to label each container so that you always know what you are storing – the last thing you want to do is accidentally mix up the salt with the sugar when baking a mouth-watering pavlova!  Imagine that…

It’s also a good idea include the best-before or expiry date.  You can simply write this using a marker on the directly on outside of the container or on masking tape or a label. I like place this on the back of the container so that it is not visible when looking into the pantry. Just remember to double check the date before using the ingredient.

Do you have a favourite style of container?


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