Are you putting up with things because it’s too hard?
June 15, 2022
BY Amy Kennedy
Some things may be quick fixes, like changing the batteries or lightbulb, but others may be extremely challenging or simply too overwhelming to tackle on your own.
Are you putting up with things because it’s too hard?

Are you putting up with things because it’s too hard?

I have an espresso coffee machine. When I first got it, I set it to the right coffee amount, so I had the perfect coffee for me. But somewhere along the way, the fill level of the cup had changed and now I only get half a cup. And that’s fine. I put up with it and I know that I have a shorter coffee. I guess it means I have a reason to have more each day.

But why am I putting up with this? It’s something that will only take a couple of minutes to work out how to reset and then I would be able to have my perfect coffee again every morning! 

I often go into clients’ homes where the light bulb is blown and they become used to it and don’t realise that they are living in the dark. 

Other clients have filled their drawers so full with clothing that the bottom or the side of the drawer has blown out and they can no longer open it.  And they live with it, just accepting that they can no longer access what’s in that drawer… and often the drawer below it. This leaves them with no other option but to stack the clothing on the floor in front of the drawer.  

More often than not, I support clients who have simply placed something in front of their wardrobe doors, so they simply can’t access the wardrobe at all.  Or the wardrobe or linen cupboard is so full that it becomes impossible to close, let alone find anything that is an there. 

Or they have gone away on holiday and have not unpacked, so they stop using their smartwatch because the charger is still packed away in the bag.  

Why are we putting up with these things? 

Why do we do it to ourselves when the simple solution is to solve the problem? More often than not, the solution doesn’t take as long as we think it will. 

Have a look around your home… think about things that you do that you’re not doing exactly as you’d like to because there’s something holding you back. Identify what it is that is holding you back.

Are you limited from using a room, because you are so overwhelmed with what’s inside it, and you’d just prefer to close the door and walk away and not be there?

Are you not reading your favourite book because it’s on the bookshelf, on the other side of the room, yet it’s too difficult to reach it? 

Have you stopped using a particular device because the batteries died and you haven’t replaced them?

Do you no longer straighten your hair or paint your nails because you can’t recall where you last put your hair straightener or nail polish?

What’s holding you back and what can you do to overcome it?

Some things may be quick fixes – like changing the batteries or lightbulb, but others may be extremely challenging or simply too overwhelming to tackle on your own.  If this is the case and you need help doing so,  I’m here. That’s what I do. I support you to find systems and solutions that work for you.  Plus, I can be your body double if lifting things or mobility is an issue for you. 

You may also be interested in reading my article What is interrupting your organising system? It’s another approach to why we may put up with things because it’s too hard.


The Organising Bee is a professional organiser based in Canberra. Amy Kennedy supports families to organise their homes and their time. Book a free consultation with Amy and talk about ways you can organise yourself so you can spend your time doing the things you love.


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