Essential organising considerations to make before an interior design or renovation project

This course is aimed at those who are planning or in the process of a new build, a home renovation or planning a new restyling or interiors project.

This course consists of 6 modules as follows:

  • Introduction & welcome
  • Vision for your home
  • Your project design & your belongings
  • Functionality considerations
  • Expert organising systems
  • Course recap

The instructor, Amy Kennedy will teach you essential organising considerations to take before designing or building your new home. The objective of the course is to learn organising concepts and systems that you can employ during your interiors project to ensure that your home or space in which you are designing, has the desired aesthetic or interiors vision, whilst remaining functional and meeting your lifestyle needs and others using the space.

The course will explore common pitfalls you may face if you if neglect to consider the functionality of the space when designing your interiors. This course is ideal for DIY renovators and is highly valuable for those who work in the Interior Design and Real Estate industries who would like to increase their knowledge in home organisation. By the end of the course, you should feel equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle your interiors project with confidence, knowing that you can create a space that not only looks the way you would like to but functions in the way that you need.

The course instructor is Amy Kennedy. Amy is a Professional Home Organiser and Coach and Founder of The Organising Bee, a professional organising and decluttering service based in Canberra, Australia. Amy is an expert in the areas of home organisation, decluttering and time management and has supported hundreds of families to reclaim their space and stay organised so they can focus their time on the things they love.

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