read what some of Amy’s happy customers have to say about her organising services

“If you need a professional organiser in Canberra, Amy Kennedy is the only name you need to know. She can make tasks that seem insurmountable and exhausting trivial, and even makes the process enjoyable. I was looking forward to decluttering my house. I think that fact speaks for itself!
Amy is professional when it counts, and friendly when it matters. She is an excellent conversationalist; when you’re spending half a day with someone, it makes the whole process less stressful. Our circumstances were unique, as we were forced to move house after booking our sessions, but before they took place. It was easy to contact Amy and inform her of our new address, and she was able to quickly reassess our needs and move forward.
After every session, previously unusable spaces became functional. The hard part was deciding what to address first! My office space, kitchen and bedroom are all in much better shape after Amy’s help. I am especially thrilled with the kitchen, it has been so much easier to work in that I’ve been relying less on take-out and more on home cooking, (my food has been receiving rave reviews from the family as well!)
On that point, my favourite thing about Amy is that she takes into account your lifestyle goals, rather than forcing any preconceived notion of how your home should operate. It is a collaborative process; she’ll even help you figure out what you want if you aren’t sure.
Finally, it is noting how reasonable her prices are. It works out at around $100 per hour. When you consider administrative costs and Amy’s travel time that represents great value, especially when accounting the quality of her services. Amy is talented, friendly, professional and affordable. Highly recommended.”

Tim S, Kambah


“I struggled all my life to organise my belongings and maintain my home. Decluttering and figuring out systems that worked for me seemed out of reach. I tried reading every book, blog and vlog and still felt helpless and overwhelmed. Amy came into my life just before my son was born and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Anyone with kids knows how life gets so much more hectic and out of control with children. Amy helped me declutter and organise my entire house and 30 years of my husband’s and my belongings and records (ew paperwork!).
We slowly went through, room by room, and now I live in a house that has a manageable level of belongings, everything has a home and it’s easy to keep clean and tidy. I’m even better at reducing my shopping and consumer footprint (especially since I stopped losing things!).
Amy was patient and kind and completely judgement free the whole way through. I’m beyond grateful to have found someone like her to help me get my life and home under control. Amy has so much experience and is super adaptable. She can figure out solutions to the toughest of challenges. I now live in a peaceful home and can focus on the important things because the mental clutter has disappeared. Thanks Amy!”

Annie C, Queanbeyan


“Amy, thank you for changing my life. You are not only highly professional and kind, you are talented and made everything ok. Working full time with a large busy family – 8 of us living together across 3 generations, I was overwhelmed with the upkeep of our home and it wasn’t functioning.
Amy spent time with us across 14 different days. We all felt safe having Amy in our house and never felt judged. Amy was able to negotiate with each of us and has actually strengthened our relationships as we needed help from Amy to work out what was important to keep and what we were happy to live without. We now have a home that is functional and we love being at home. I have learnt so much Amy and I can’t thank you enough”

Nikki J, Farrer


“Amy from The Organising Bee transforms the way people live. She really does and she’s worth her weight in gold.  Amy calmly and methodically helps declutter and organise so that everything has a place. The way Amy approaches each room is thoughtful and practical, she will always try to re-purpose what you already have rather than suggesting new items.


If there is a need to purchase extra storage/display items, Amy will bring a range of options. She always considers the budget and chooses items that are affordable. However, she will also offer something more expensive just to show you what is available.


When Amy comes into your home it feels as though a good friend has just popped in to help. Amy doesn’t judge and doesn’t discuss other clients.  Every room Amy helped with, has been a breeze to keep organised and tidy. My pantry is as organised today as it was when Amy finished it over a month ago.


I spent years complaining that I didn’t have enough storage space. With Amy’s magical skills I now have empty shelves.  If I could I would have Amy come every week. She is an absolute treasure. If you engage her professional services you’ll think exactly like just the insurance company says ‘lucky you’re with Amy’.”

Pamela S, Deakin


“It was amazing to have Amy in my home. She worked well with me to work out what worked best for my needs in my laundry and kitchen to make it functional and useable.  She worked around me and my babies to make it an easy going process with no stress.”

Emma K, Gilmore


“Amy gave us our house back. She provided independent critique, to help us thin out thirty years of accumulated ‘stuff’. She then provided sound organisation suggestions to help us better locate what we retained. She is sensitive to individual needs, and brings a sense of humour to the task. By implementing Amy’s strategies she taught us how to declutter and have the confidence to continue the process into the future. Involving Amy also made us commit the necessary time to make headway with the process. We highly recommend Amy and her services to anyone who wants to “declutter”. She is a true professional and brings extensive knowledge to the challenge of home decluttering and re organisation.”

Kerry W, Chapman

Amy was great to work with. I’m lucky enough to have a large pantry but always felt overwhelmed being in there. I’m loving my new neat, functional pantry. It makes it so much easier when making a grocery list and finding items. Amy is creative and thorough with her solutions. I highly recommend The Organised Bee for any space in the house.

K Williams, Forde


“If the zeitgeist of the age is tidying up and getting organised, Amy Kennedy is a woman for this age. Working as a journalist for five decades I’ve heard thousands of speeches, and Amy’s Organising Bee presentation is both engaging and different – and I mean different in the best, thought-provoking way.


I chaired Amy’s presentation at The ShowRoom weekend in Canberra, and like the rest of the show, she’s great value.


Amy offers lots of practical ideas on the ‘extreme desire to de-clutter’. She’ll tell you how to make the clean-up journey and take your family with you. She’ll also raise questions that reach towards the philosophical, on the ethics of shopping and the choices you make about what you want in your house.


Amy Kennedy gives good advice on getting organised, plus a gentle zen meditation on your life and possessions – not least how much you want your possessions to possess you.”

Graeme Dobell, March 2019 The ShowRoom Presentation


“We found this to be an amazing experience that we dreaded at the very beginning. However working with such a compassionate kind caring woman who also teaches you new ways to look at things and work through your issues, has totally changed my perspective on living simply simpler. Amy’s supportive and offers flexible ideas to suit your individual needs. Having four kids I never thought this would be possible, I highly recommend her.

Johanna P, Narrabundah


“Amy has been instrumental in sorting out those problem areas of my house; the cupboards, garage and rooms that overwhelmed me! She methodically worked through my spaces and problem-solved storage issues, and re-worked cupboards and rooms so that everything is beautifully and sensibly organised. Amy is kind, friendly and easy to work with. Having her there is more like having a friend over to help you sort through your mess! The sense of happiness and calmness I feel now that everything is neat and organised is worth every cent of her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to restore order in their lives.”

Louise C, Narrabundah


“Amy is an incredible organiser! I have invited her into my home many times to help us get organised, and hope to be able to have her assistance into the future. I highly recommend her!”

Cathie G, Reid


“Amy has been amazing and helped me to make some huge improvements to my home environment. I was drowning in clutter and just couldn’t seem to make any progress. Now most of my possessions have a home in my home and I have strategies in place to keep it that way.  Amy is thoughtful, creative and thorough with her solutions and she ensured that they suited me and my lifestyle. She is also heaps of fun to work with. I highly recommend The Organising Bee for small projects or a whole home overhaul!”

Clare K, Gowrie


“I’m so happy I did this – it’s made my life much less stressful, and my apartment that much more beautiful and liveable. Amy was wonderful to work with – she’s so good at explaining everything and coming up with new ideas for tricky spaces. Treat it like a renovation for your interiors – it’s completely worth it!”

Christina Z, Wright


“We would highly recommend the Organising Bee. Amy was professional, friendly and non-judgmental. She also had great tips for how to declutter and then maintain the new decluttered space. At the beginning of the session, Amy asked us what our goals were for the session and these goals were achieved. We were very happy with the results of our session.”

Natalie P, Gowrie


“I highly recommend Amy, I was very anxious about the clutter in my home and didn’t know where to begin. Amy made it all so simple for me. She did a great job, she is friendly, professional and all-round lovely person. She didn’t make me uncomfortable about anything and she works so fast and efficiently. I now have a much tidier house and loving it. She has taught me so much about keeping things tidy.”

Isabel H, Gilmore


“Amy was fantastic in helping me to organise my home! She asked me a few questions about our busy life & we came up with organising solutions that worked for our family & have been easy for us to maintain. She helped me sort, organise & offload the stuff we didn’t need any more and we had fun doing it! She is efficient, professional & has a positive outlook.”

Mrs. H, Crace


“Amy has been such a delight. I hate having people seeing my home, but I love having Amy here. From communication, talking the process through, punctuality and getting the jobs done, she is truly professional. A much-needed pair of extra hands with know how!”

Toni D, Queanbeyan


“Amy Kennedy is very effective, efficient, honourable and earns her name of bee. She didn’t stop! In addition, I enjoyed working with her tremendously. 5 stars all around!”

Kimberly I, Evatt


“Amy was amazing, came into my home and organised my kitchen to the point where now I can assess everything that I need too. Amy is such a happy person and nothing is too much for, she always does things with a smile on her face. Thanks to The Organising Bee for the fantastic Amy who will be back in September to organise my craft room. Thank you again Amy, you’re the best such a pleasure to deal with.”

Toni T, Higgins


“Amy was great! A pleasure to have in the home. Had great ideas and nothing was a problem for her. Definitely will recommend.”

Carmela P, Lyneham


“My spare room was unusable, now it is a functioning home office and exercise room that both my husband and I use daily. My husband LOVES it, especially the way you have stored the IT stuff. Thank you. I can’t recommend The Organising Bee highly enough.”

Erin W, Calwell


“Amy was great as I didn’t have much of an idea what I wanted done, other than that I could find everything. She came in and made sense of the chaos and set it up in such a manner that it had been easy to maintain the organisation.”

Sean M, Monash


“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Organising Bee. I was nervous about letting someone see into the cupboards at first, but Amy made the process so easy and rewarding. I now have a sense of calm when I go to the pantry and use the kitchen because everything has a place and I can actually find what I need! No more doubling up on supplies because I didn’t know what I had and meal planning takes half the time. I recommend the Organising Bee to anyone who has an area in their home that they just can’t get around to sorting out, or who need some inspiration to make the most out of their space. A great service, great process and excellent organiser await you!”

Ellen A, Gilmore

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