A professional declutters her own wardrobe
June 1, 2018
BY Amy Kennedy
An experiment with the Project 333 Minimalist Fashion Challenge.
A professional declutters her own wardrobe
Professional organiser declutters her own wardrobe

An experiment with the Project 333 Minimalist Fashion Challenge

It’s interesting, I frequently help people to declutter and organise their wardrobe.  I know the process and the common challenges and obstacles most people face.

I’m constantly editing my own wardrobe, a few pieces here and there, but recently when I began Courtney Carvers Project 333 minimalist fashion challenge, I did a major overhaul and decluttered my own wardrobe down to around 33 items.  Yep! 33 items! I did that!

The process took me by surprise.

I had more items in my wardrobe than I had even anticipated (somewhat amazing for someone who declutters for a living!).  I donated 5 garbage bags of clothes to my local MS Society Op Shop.

It did help that I’ve put on a lot of weight and purely due to the Project 333 experiment it made it easier to say goodbye to some items of clothing that I ordinarily would have held onto saying “oh well, I only need to drop one dress size and it will fit again”.  But no, I was strict on myself and knew realistically that if I did drop a dress size, I would not be heading to the tub of clothes that might fit me one day that I’d put in storage, I would be celebrating by heading excitedly straight to the shops to buy new ‘in season’ items.

I was ruthless, I was brave and let go.

So now I have a capsule wardrobe, a really clear and defined wardrobe that consists of a little over 33 items of clothing.   I have done the same with my 3 daughter’s wardrobes.  I left my husband’s wardrobe alone.

The benefits and impact of having a minimalist wardrobe have blown my socks off

I was anticipating some positive changes in my personal wardrobe and hopefully a lot less laundry – but I truly underestimated how much time it would save me, nor did I anticipate how much easier it would be for my children.

You can read more about my success with the Project 333 Minimalist Fashion Challenge here.


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