Organising condiments in a pantry
April 11, 2021
BY Amy Kennedy
Learn a quick tip to organise condiments in your pantry.
Organising condiments in a pantry
Organising Condiments - The Organising Bee

Organising condiments in an efficient manner is crucial in fulfilling all your cooking needs.

Depending on where they are stored within your pantry, tall bottles of sauces, vinegars and spreads can quite often block smaller items from view when looking in the pantry.

Using a lazy susan (or turntable) when organising condiments on a shelf within your pantry is a great way to be able to see and reach your condiments or sauces without the need to move or remove other items from your pantry to reach the particular item you need. It also organises your condiments in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The lazy susan pictured is from IKEA Australia. Howard Storage World also sell a good range for organising condiments and other household items.  You can also usually purchase lazy susans in Australia from all major discount department stores, like Kmart, Big W, Target and The Reject Shop.

When it comes to purchasing your lazy susan/turntable the quality and sturdiness count – which is why I love the IKEA range.  Be mindful of the weight of the items that you wish to store on the lazy susan and that the mechanism which rotates the lazy susan is able to support the weight of these items.  A lazy susan becomes difficult to rotate if it is overloaded, plus it is very easy to snap the central mechanism. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the lazy susan, the lighter the load it can store. Small plastic lazy susans can be ideal for storing cotton balls and cotton buds within the bathroom, but are not always able to withstand the weight of your sauce bottles or glass jars full of food. If in doubt, you can always test the lazy susan within the store before purchasing.

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